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Abhisheka for string orchestra (Preview)

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by John Psathas | String Orchestra

• During long-held

• During long-held chords, bow changes should occur asynchronously and imperceptibly. Likewise, in the solo passages (indicated by dotted slurs), bow changes should be as discreet as possible. At some points in the score, suggestions for these imperceptible bow changes are given in brackets. • In the passage beginning at m.75, the hairpin dynamics are intended to indicate an even crescendo and diminuendo, with the peaks of the crescendi gradually increasing in intensity. • The original version of Abhisheka (PE028) requires the instruments to be close-miked (not to increase the volume of the ensemble, but to enable the addition of artificial reverb of about 4 seconds), with the loudspeakers positioned as close as possible to the ensemble to facilitate maximum blend. It is suggested – though not essential – that the same specifications are applied to the string orchestra arrangement. PE175 – vi

! ! Ì ABHISHEKA ARRANGED FOR STRING ORCHESTRA John Psathas John Psathas [ C= 60 Violin I ! 4 4 Q Q Q Q Q Q Violin II ! 4 A ƒ ] div. con sord., sul pont.* F Viola " 4 ƒ A ß A Violoncello div. con sord., sul pont.* F # A 4 ƒ div. con sord., sul pont.* F A A very gradual crescendo A A A A very gradual crescendo A A very gradual crescendo *Begin sul pont., gradually moving to molto sul tasto by the end of this passage at m.11 A A A A A A A A A A A A Vn. I [ 7 con sord., ord., non vibrato Y A F ( = ) Vn. II ! X A p ( = ) Va. " X A W A p ( = ) # Vc. X A ] p A very gradual crescendo A A A A con vibrato A A A A dim. A A dim. A dim. A A A A (molto sul tasto) R B B B O F (molto sul tasto) (molto sul tasto) A S F F Solo Vn. I [ 12 Vn. I ! violin I solo p B A ( < ) gli altri p sul tasto B F C C CF CO B C CO Y CY Cƒ CO C X C C CF C= O C A ? G quasi mp molto legato F G sim. F distantly and very freely Q Q Q ? = CY C Vn. II ! Q Q Q Q ? Va. " Q Q Q Q ? < C C Vc. ] # Q Q Q Q ? Abhisheka © 1996/2008 John Psathas This Edition © 2012 Promethean Editions Limited PE175 ISMN: 979-0-67452-153-6

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