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by John Psathas | Timpani and Digital Audio. The variety of playing techniques in Buyan demonstrate the subtleties offered—yet often overlooked—by the timpani. The player must navigate syncopated grooves in compound time, simmering roll and glissandi techniques, and playing with fingers. Most challenging of all, though, is the extensive pedalling required to articulate Buyan’s melodic material.

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Digital Download • The digital audio files may be downloaded using the Download Coupon attached to the rear of this publication from our website at no extra cost. • To download the files follow the instructions in the Digital File Download Coupon in the sleeve. • The coupon will provide a code for one download only. • If the coupon is missing or the coupon code has already been redeemed, please contact the Publisher at or submit a technical support case on our website ( • The audio files are supplied in the WAV audio format for maximum compatibility with all devices. Download Contents The download files contains the following: [1] PE189 Performance DryMix [6:19] [2] PE189 Performance Reverb [6:19] [3] PE189 Alternate Performance Mix [6:19] [4] PE189 Click [6:19] [5] PE189 Reference Mix [6:19] John Psathas Buyan Timpani and Digital Audio Download file size: 406 MB DIGITAL FILE DOWNLOAD PE189DC PE189DC The Download File contains the following: 01 Performance DryMix [6:19] 02 Performance Reverb [6:19] 03 Alternate Performance Mix [6:19] 04 Click [6:19] 05 Reference Mix [6:19] Total file size 516.4 MB © 2018 Ioannis Psathas PE189 – viii

John Psathas Buyan Timpani and Digital Audio PE189 – 1

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