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Complete Piano Music Vol.6 (Preview)

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Music by Douglas Lilburn | Piano

Publisher’s note In

Publisher’s note In the early 1940s Douglas Lilburn established what become lifelong friendships with a number of artists, writers and poets in Christchurch who, along with Lilburn, were instrumental in establishing a genuine vernacular for the arts in New Zealand. Notable among this circle were Lilburn’s close friends and fine artists Rita Angus and Leo Bensemann, both of whom shared an exchange of artistic influence with Lilburn. Care was taken in the Recorded series to present Lilburn among his contemporary artists with each volume featuring a selection of Bensemann’s landscape paintings on the cover along with paintings by Rita Angus inside the full-colour booklets. Similarly, we have chosen to feature Bensemann’s Rain in the Paradise Garden, Takaka on the front cover of our series of publications to provide a sense of unity with the Recorded series. We therefore acknowledge the generous support of the Bensemann Estate. The Publisher also gratefully acknowledges the assistance from the Alexander Turnbull Library, Rod Biss, Guy Donaldson, Claire Harris, Dr Robert Hoskins, Michael Houstoun, the Lilburn Trust, Massey University, and the HRL Morrison Music Trust in the publication of this edition. This sixth volume of the edition has been funded by Creative New Zealand. Promethean Editions, Wellington, 2016 PEL06 – viii

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