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Incidental music to Electra (Preview)

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by Ralph Vaughan Williams | Orchestra and chorus


Fleet-in-the-wind Achilles, on To war, to war, till Troy be won Beside the reedy river. Choir alto solo Up from Euboea’s caverns came The Nereids, bearing Gold armour from the Lords of Flame, Wrought for his wearing: Choir soprano solo Long sought those daughters of the deep, Up Pelion’s glen, up Ossa’s steep Forest enchanted, Choir alto solo Where Peleus reared alone, afar, His lost sea-maiden’s child, the star Of Hellas, and swift help of war When weary armies panted. Chorus There came a man from Troy, and told Here in the haven, How, orb on orb, to strike with cold The Trojan, o’er that targe of gold, Dread shapes were graven. All round the level rim thereof Perseus, on wingèd feet, above The long seas hied him; Choir duet The Gorgon’s wild and bleeding hair He lifted; and a herald fair, He of the wilds, whom Maia bare, Chorus God’s Hermes, flew beside him. But midmost, where the boss rose higher, A sun stood blazing, And wingèd steeds, and stars in choir, Hyad and Pleiad, fire on fire, For Hector’s dazing: PEV03 – xiv

Across the golden helm, each way, Two taloned Sphinxes held their prey, Song-drawn to slaughter: And round the breastplate ramping came A mingled breed of lion and flame, Hot-eyed to tear that steed of fame That found Pirênê’s water. The red, red sword with steeds four-yoked Black-maned, was graven, That laboured, and the hot dust smoked Cloudwise to heaven. Thou Tyndarid woman! Fair and tall Those warriors were, and o’er them all One king great-hearted, Whom thou and thy false love did slay: Therefore the tribes of Heaven one day For these thy dead shall send on thee An iron death: Choir soprano solo Yea, men shall see The white throat drawn, and blood’s red spray, And lips in terror parted. PEV03 – xv

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