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One Study One Summary

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by John Psathas | Marimba, Junk Percussion and Digital Audio


One Study One Summary (PE087), for Marimba, Junk Percussion and Digital Audio by John Psathas (2005, 2008) © John Psathas 2005, 2008 Published exclusively by Promethean Editions Limited First edition © 2008 Promethean Editions Limited (201604) Series Editor: Ross Hendy Editor: Alison Grant ISBN: 978-1-877218-96-5 (print) ISBN: 978-1-77660-087-8 (ebook) ISMN: 979-0-67452-111-6 Promethean Editions Limited PO Box 10-143 Wellington NEW ZEALAND No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the Publisher. PE087 – ii

John Psathas (1966) John Psathas is one of New Zealand’s most frequently performed composers. With works in the repertoire of such high profile musicians as Evelyn Glennie, Michael Brecker, Pedro Carneiro, Michael Houstoun, Joshua Redman, Federico Mondelci, the Takács Quartet, the Netherlands New Blazers Ensemble, the Hallé Orchestra and others, he has established an international profile and is receiving regular commission offers from outside New Zealand. Psathas grew up in Taumaranui and then Napier, and left high school early to study composition and piano at Victoria University of Wellington. Psathas studied further with composer Jacqueline Fontyn in Belgium before returning to New Zealand, where he has since lectured in music at the New Zealand School of Music and continued to fulfil a busy schedule of commissions. Early success came in 1991 with Matre’s Dance, a maximum-energy duet for percussion and piano that has since made Psathas’ name internationally known through having been taken up and championed by percussionist Evelyn Glennie. This work and Drum Dances are now standard repertoire for percussionists throughout the world. In August 2000, the premiere of his saxophone concerto, Omnifenix, by legendary jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker in Bolgna, Italy, brought international acclaim; further prominent performances of his works have included the 2001 Klangspuren Schwaz Festival of Contemporary Music in Austria; Psyzygysm, performed by Pedro Carneiro with Strike and Stroma in the 2002 New Zealand Festival; the premiere of View From Olympus at the 2002 Royal Gala Concert in Manchester, and the premiere of Orpheus in Rarohenga in November 2002. This last, a major work for choir, soloists and orchestra, was a joint commission from poet Robert Sullivan and John Psathas by the Orpheus Choir of Wellington. In April 2004, pianist Stephen Gosling first performed Psathas’ piano concerto, Three Psalms, with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, who commissioned the work for pianist Michael Houstoun. Saxophonist Federico Mondelci commissioned Psathas to write his second saxophone PE087 – iii

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